How Was Your Week? 7.19.21

How Was Your Week? 7.19.21

Welcome to the weekly check-in section of our KO17 Blog! What's going on in the world of professional lacrosse, what events have I been to recently, shoutouts? Absolutely. All of the above! 

These weekly blog posts that will go live every Monday are written by me, Kylie Ohlmiller, Founder & CEO of KO17 Lacrosse. And I am incredibly excited to give all our readers an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes of the e-mail blasts and Instagram Ads you read on the daily! Hope you enjoy following along :)

This past week, I spent my Monday to Friday at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida working the Unleashed Overnight Camp for the women's brand of the PLL Academy, Unleashed. It was hot, there was a heavy hitting Florida thunderstorm every afternoon; but this Camp was an incredible experience for many reasons. 

We spent half our days on the lacrosse field - diving into the fundamentals behind creative stickwork, terms like 'deception', and a variety of different small-sided concepts. We spent the other half our our days in the classroom exploring the meditation and yoga practice when it relates to recovery as an elite lacrosse player, we crushed a nutrition cooking competition, and even got deep talking about the challenges and positive impacts that come out of a world consumed by social media. 

The PLL Academy ran this event incredibly smoothly - and I was happy to be a small part in what felt like an extremely influential week in a lot of the campers' lives. These young women were attentive, eager to learn, and courageous in their efforts to go outside their comfort zone and tap into the skills it takes to be the best versions of theirselves. If you were there, or featured in any of these pictures - thank you for crushing it!

Thank you, Unleashed - let's do it again sometime!

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Now, I'm off to the first week of the inaugural Athletes Unlimited Professional Lacrosse season... ready to rock! 

Keep Dreaming On, KO17 Fam.

-- Kylie