How Was Your Week? 7.26.21

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This past weekend was the first games of the inaugural Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse Season; and can I just say - it was incredible. After 2 long years with no professional lacrosse to be played, and barely any high level competition for most of us players, I was insanely grateful to be back out on the field doing what we all are most passionate about.

At our Opening Ceremony on Friday, all of us players on all 4 teams lined up on the sideline as Athletes Unlimited provided fireworks, a skydiving team that delivered the game ball, and amazing tributes to lacrosse as The Creator's Game. A highly talented actress performed a poetic speech that had almost all of us both simultaneously in tears and ready to run through a brick wall.

It was an atmosphere we had never experienced before in Professional Women's Lacrosse; and we proceeded to play on National Broadcasts such as CBS Sports Network and Fox Sports 1 all weekend long. 

Three games in a weekend, and I was grateful to have the chance to be one of the first week's Captains - meaning that I had the opportunity to draft my own team in the first ever Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse Draft. Team GOLD went undefeated on the weekend with a 3-0 record, playing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - and it was the most fun I have had in a long time! Our team had a blast!

All in all, this past week showed me how excited I am to be back out on the field as a player - and the opportunities that AU has given us to showcase our sport so far have been second to none. I'm pumped to see what Weeks 2-5 have in store! 

Teams are redrafted tonight (Monday 7.26.21) for the second time... let's see who gets to play with who for Weekend 2! 

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-- Kylie