Welcome Our KO17 Athletes

Welcome Our KO17 Athletes

We are pumped to welcome two high school and two collegiate Athletes to our team of KO17 Athletes! 

What is a KO17 Athlete? Well, now that high school and college lacrosse players are allowed to build their personal brands while dedicating their efforts to their teams, universities, and programs due to the passing of new Name, Image, and Likeness laws by the NCAA - we wanted to officially bring on some Athletes of our own to the KO17 Fam. 

Our Athletes are players and people that have made an impact on the KO17 Lacrosse family already, simply by being themselves. All of our Athletes have experience with our drills, have invested themselves in the process of building up daily habits physically, mentally, and emotionally to become the best versions of themselves, and most of all - they have incredible character as leaders on their teams, in their communities, and as young women.

KO17 Lacrosse is excited to have Sara Curley, Olivia Vergano, Carly Cenci, and Jaelyn Bennett as our first four KO17 Athletes. Our Athletes each have a promo code they have shared on their social media for discounts to any and all KO17 Lacrosse merchandise on our store. They will be guest coaches at our major KO17 Lacrosse clinics, camps, and events; they will be promoted all over our KO17 App; they will ultimately have the opportunity to inspire the next generation of lacrosse players through their play on the field and through their experience learning the ways of KO17 Lacrosse.

To learn more about Sara, Olivia, Carly, and Jaelyn - follow us on social media [@ko17lacrosse], subscribe to our e-mail newsletter on ko17lacrosse.com, or check out our KO17 App in the App Store for free!